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Campaign from That Will Comfort You For a Year Virtual office solutions, which provide you with a prestigious office rental at the most central point of the city at affordable prices, are now surprisingly advantageous! Aiming to offer packages such as virtual office rental, meeting room rental and instant office rental in Istanbul [...]

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Frequently Asked Questions


Will I Have to Pay A Real Estate Commission? The most important expense when starting a business is usually the office rent. When added on the office rent; office furniture, electronic devices and other needed items in the office may increase the burden of owning a company. If you are not working with a [...]

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Services We offer you the most suitable office rental options on our Mikrofis services page. After you have reviewed the Mikrofis packages and their details below, we would be happy to communicate with you and assist you in finding the most fitting office, virtual office, instant office and other services for you.. [...]


Kozyatagi Meeting Room


Kozyatagi Meeting Room Kozyatagi is a district located at the very center of housing projects made in recent years. Finding an office in Kozyatagi, which is a few minutes away from East Atasehir, West Atasehir, Maltepe and Kadikoy, is both difficult and costly. With the housing and workplace projects, its population has increased along [...]

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Kadikoy Meeting Room


Kadikoy Meeting Room With the investments made in recent years, Kadikoy has gained an easily accessible characteristic from every region of Istanbul. Companies locating in districts that are far away from the center of Istanbul, companies that manufacture in various cities of Turkey, and international companies willing to meet with Turkish business partners when [...]

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Kozyatagi Virtual Office


Kozyatagi Virtual Office Young entrepreneurs starting to work with limited budget can not budget for personnel to Work in the office all day long Receive cargoes Answer phone calls Fixed overheads can always distress every business owner. While trying to promote their products or services, constantly thinking about office and staff expenses make employers [...]

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Kadikoy Virtual Office


Kadikoy Virtual Office Kadikoy is not one of the most prestigious districts of only the Anatolian side of Istanbul, but Istanbul as a whole. As Mikrofis, we serve in Kadikoy Kozyatagi, Istanbul. We are at your service if you want to rent a virtual office in Kadıköy with the most prestigious and advantageous terms [...]

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Atasehir Virtual Office


Atasehir Virtual Office Atasehir virtual office is a convenient location for anyone who wants to rent a virtual office in the Anatolian side. As Mikrofis, we are here to offer you alternatives. The location of a virtual office, which many institutions, individual companies and new entrepreneurs prefer, is very important. It is important that [...]

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Anatolian Side Virtual Office


Anatolian Side Virtual Office Mikrofis proudly serves its valuable customers in the Anatolian side of Istanbul. We would like to give more detailed information about our virtual office services in the Anatolian side. First of all, it is beneficial to mention a little about virtual office. Virtual office is an office space that exists [...]

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