Byofis Plaza Mikrofis

About ByOffice Plaza

ByOffice Plaza , located in the plazas region in Kozyatagi, is one of the most prestigious business centers in the region. With advantages such as easy transport, a central location and a prestigious and stylish office, it is a powerful alternative for business, meetings and work to rent an office in Kozyatagi.

What Is the Full Address of ByOffice Plaza?

ByOffice Plaza is located in the Kozyatagi Neighborhood, Sarikanarya Street in Kadikoy, Istanbul.

The Location of ByOffice

It is very close to the most elegant restaurants in the Anatolian side, regional directorates of many banks in the Anatolian side, global hotel chains such as Hilton Kozyatagi, ByOtel and shopping malls such as Optimum Shopping Mall and Paladium Shopping Mall.

How to Get An Offer For A Rental Office in Kozyatagi? makes the bidding process both fast and special for you. You can easily get your special offer from by entering your name, surname, e-mail address, preferred rental office service type and phone number.

What Services Does Offer at ByOffice? offers instant office, virtual office, virtual office plus, co-working office, daily office and meeting room services. All of the mentioned rental office options are economical solutions, which you may want to take into consideration while renting an office in the Anatolian side.  You can immediately get an offer from to rent an elegant and convenient office from ByOffice Plaza, where you can reach easily, be close to important places and meet your needs quickly.

What Are the Advantages of Renting An Office at ByOffice?

You can get a parking service, which will save you from the trouble of finding a place to park your vehicle. With the advantage of ByOffice’s prestigious location, you can invite your customers and business partners to your workplace, and enjoy the privilege of being in a luxurious and comfortable working environment.

By taking one of the services such as instant office, meeting room or virtual office from, you will not have to pay for things like cleaning, tea service, secretariat, and mail and cargo tracking. You also will not have to pay for withholding, real estate commission, decoration and goods for your business in ByOffice.


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